Private small loans for single households


Households – whether spouses in private households or single persons in single households – often have no choice but to ask for a loan from banks and credit institutions. Unfortunately, the request for the loan is often answered negatively, so that households have to keep their eyes open for other options. Fortunately, private households today have the opportunity to receive mini-credits from other individuals. Banks and credit institutions become redundant in this way. And that’s exactly why private small loans can be an alternative.

Poor credit – a common reason for private small loans

Private households often get their credit rejected because of their poor credit rating . This is the most common reason why private households rely on private investors. Because those usually do not rely on the credit score or credit report to verify the credit rating. If the potential borrower is able to convince his financier of his project so that the meaning behind the loan becomes clear, then this is more significant than a good credit score. Of course, it is also important to private investors that the mini loan can be repaid without any problems. A job or a regular income to pay off the loan installments is therefore recommended.

Possible uses

It is not as important to lenders at home compared to banks for what the loan should be used for. There are of course many uses. For example, private consumer loans can be used to reschedule and relieve the current account. To make one from several creditors, is behind a rescheduling. Furthermore, households may lack the money for a holiday. Even a car costs a lot of money and can burden the checking account extremely. Consumer goods or the financing of training are also worthwhile reasons to pay monthly repayments including interest to private individuals.

Private small loans – eradication made easy

Anyone who worries that the eradication of private small consumer loans complicates more than those via installments at banks, is wrong. Also on this private way, the entire term is paid through installments, which include both the borrowed money and the interest. The interest rate determines these fees that the lender receives for lending. The repayment installments can be paid in the classic way with the checking account or with every pay slip. Interested parties can search on corresponding portals. There they only enter some information such as the term and, as a result, not only the interest rate but also the amount of the credit installments are displayed. Getting and repaying private loans is pretty easy.

Worth knowing about private small loans

The Internet offers many opportunities to bring together private microcredit providers as well as buyers and borrowers. There are some well-known platforms for brokering loans from private to private. You should pay attention to this, especially as a provider of a private small loan:

  • is the brand or platform on which you offer private microcredit reputable?
  • Are there reviews or reviews on the credit platform?
  • How and when will the private loans be paid out?
  • How and when does the repayment of the personal loan take place?
  • What is the commission of the platform operator?
  • Is there credit rating within the platform, and especially for borrowers?

Personal loan is not the same as personal loan

The banks and numerous credit intermediaries have adopted this term and use it as a synonym for loans and loans to private individuals. Therefore the term “personal loan” . However, Internet users understand the term differently: in the context of so-called P2P (Peer to Peer) loans. In that case, the bank is eliminated as a lender and private credit providers jump in. Then it is a real personal loan , the private small loan.


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