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Neval Bissambhar sees life and worship through the prism of an omnist, a person who believes in all beliefs or beliefs.

Hindu by birth, Bissambhar follows the principles of his family’s faith. D Rampersad INDI-ART lead singer is getting ready to celebrate Divali this week. However, he says that all religions have a role to play in the perpetual battle of light against darkness.

“I was born a Hindu. However, I see myself more as a spiritual individual than a simple religious. In a similar comparison to that of an omnist, I believe that not only is a religion the truth, but the truth is in all, ”Bissambhar told the Kitcharee in an online exchange Wednesday.

Bissambhar recently released Namaste, a modern devotional blend consisting of three religious selections in the order of Achyutam Keshavam, the popular Gayatri Mantra, and Shri Krishna Govind Hare Murari.

Namaste is a gift from his family to the local and international community, said Bissambhar. The album project is produced by his brother Akash Bissambhar and includes symphonic accompaniment by his father, veteran musician Teddy Bissambhar.

“It is a contribution of devotion in dedication to the Supreme Being. The religious track was performed in our Indi-Art Productions studio. In terms of restrictions due to the Covid-19 regulations, all the procedures were carried out with the use of modern technology, ”he assured.

The album fits perfectly into Divali’s mantra of light over darkness with his messages of good conquering evil and can therefore be enjoyed by celebrants, he said.

“During this auspicious period, many religious and devotional songs such as bhajans are the usual traditional genres of the season. This devotion fits in perfectly and can be appreciated, ”he said.

A melodious birthright

Bissambhar, cousin of Karma lead singer Ravi B (Ravi Bissambhar), made his guitar debut with D Rampersad INDI-ART in 2007 at the age of 14. Five years later, he was propelled into the limelight as the lead singer of the family group.

He won the title of Choka Chutney Road March with his hit “Gear Lever”. And by the age of 20, he had built a reputation as a versatile singer playing multiple genres including: Bollywood, chutney, soca, pop, rock, reggae, and Latin music.

INDI-ART, formerly known as Indian Art, was founded in 1955. In 1975, the group was sponsored by automotive and engineering company D Rampersad & Co Ltd and therefore adopted the trade name in its title. In 2006, the group received the Hummingbird Gold Medal for their long-standing dedication to T&T music. The group is currently in its third generation led by the Bissambhar brothers.

“What made me get involved in music was the fact that it was something that I believe was part of my destiny,” Neval said.

“Listening to my father rehearse, it was natural that I developed a passion for music too. After being tutored by my dad, I started my music career as a guitarist at the age of 14, performing and touring the world alongside my dad and my brother. A few years later at the age of 19 I switched to vocals as our band’s frontline singer and from that point on there was no turning back for Neval B.

Apart from his musical exploits, Bissambhar has forged a reputation as a complete artist, having touched on writing and fashion.

“I graduated from the Institute of Broadcasting Careers (IBC) where I studied broadcasting and mastered the art of entertainment in many aspects: voice animations, acting, stand-up comedy, drama, writing, music and video production, fashion design, event planning and a lot more, ”he explained.

Bissambhar said his goal was to continue using “all creative media” not only to entertain audiences both locally and internationally, but “to continue to spread positive energy.”

“D Rampersad INDI-ART fans may look for more unique releases along the way as well as stunning live performances both virtually and in safe areas in the near future. I can’t wait to get back on stage, ”concluded Bissambhar.

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