Bremerton retiree donates $ 250,000 each to four Kitsap nonprofits


Bremerton WestSound Symphony is one of four non-profit organizations receiving $ 250,000 from an anonymous donor living in Bremerton. (File photo)


Donor gives $ 1.875 million in total to seven groups serving the environment, the arts and children

PORT ORCHARD – An anonymous donor from Bremerton has given $ 250,000 each to four Kitsap County nonprofits serving the arts, environmental protection and education.

The four groups in Kitsap County are among seven nonprofits receiving total funding of $ 1.875 million, a representative of the donor said.

The organizations receiving donations do not know their benefactor, a retiree who lives in the neighborhood but does not wish to be identified. Trevor Ross, executive director of the Olympic College Foundation – another recipient donor – has been invited to serve as a liaison between donor representatives and selected nonprofits, Ross said.

The fundraiser said the donor has lived and worked in Bremerton for decades and wanted the gifts to support community programs that reflect their personal values ​​relating to children and the environment.

“This is a legacy gift, one that is felt immediately and is also meant to have long-term impacts,” said Ross.

“It is important for the donor that the money goes to organizations that would use it in a very direct and deliberate way over the next two years while funding specific programs that could change lives and protect the environment.

“The hope is that these donations encourage others to support organizations that help make their communities a better place. This donor had the resources to donate large funds, but any amount of money or time can make a difference.

The seven non-profit organizations that receive donations are:

  • Bremerton West Sound Symphony, home of the Bremerton Symphony Orchestra. The organization said that with the donation all concerts for next year will be free to the public. The symphony will also strive to expand its offerings and accessibility to the community. In addition, various music education programs will be coordinated with schools in the Bremerton area.
  • Bremerton United Methodist Church said he would use the funds to expand services and programs to meet the needs of local children and neighbors. The church has already started a school gardening program that teaches students how to grow vegetables.
  • Conservatory of the Great Peninsula of Bremerton, whose mission is to protect habitat and conserve land in the Puget Sound area, will use the donation in part to maintain current land holdings and further the organization’s mission. The group’s first purchases included a pickup truck and various forestry tools.
  • Nature Protection, which protects lands and waterways around the world, will use the funds for local projects, including those focused on forest and habitat restoration on the western slopes of the Olympic Peninsula and Puget Sound.
  • ocean Protection, an organization that helps formulate science policy to protect the oceans, will use the funds to continue work on its Global Ghost Gear initiative, which aims to clean up marine debris and abandoned fishing gear throughout Puget Sound. .
  • Olympic college Foundation, which supports the Olympic College and its students through scholarships, grants and program funding, used part of the anonymously donated funds to expand the CO’s pledge to include both high schools from Bremerton and Olympic. The OC Promise offers a tuition-free year to high school graduates who could not otherwise afford college tuition. In addition, part of the funds are intended to support student housing assistance for the most vulnerable students of the college.
  • World of wildlife Funds, which focuses on preserving wilderness and reducing human impact on the environment, will allocate funds to a program to protect and restore plains bison populations. The program is in partnership with the Rosebud Sioux Tribe of South Dakota. This is the only giveaway that will not be used in the Puget Sound area.

The remaining $ 125,000 will be divided among other local nonprofits as yet announced, details of which are being finalized by donor representatives.


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