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Many people are familiar with the dilemma: they ask several banks and credit institutions to receive a more or less extensive loan or a mini loan or small loan , but only get a cancellation. The reason is usually a poor credit rating , to which the credit score or credit report refer. Then only a loan from private helps.

Because private loans for private households offer a very decisive advantage to prospective customers: The credit can be awarded even if the donor does not rely on the credit score or credit report, in order to bring the payment moral of the applicant into experience. In other words, he can do this, but does not have to make his decision dependent on it. For banks and credit institutions this looks different. You will always refuse an application if the credit score does not give the green light. And if not, then they “give in” with a very high interest rate, the interest rates are extreme and far too high.

Private loans as an ideal solution

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With a private loan, private households are escaping the credit score, which may be all the more important as many banks and other credit institutions are simply sleep-deprived and are already asking credit score for a signaled interest from people. There, this is already rated as an official request, which further decreases the score. If households fall back on a private donor and do not ask many banks, then they avoid this danger and keep their good credit score for really big loan inquiries in the future. In addition, personal loans are ideal for requesting smaller sums of money. While a bank tends not to like mini-credits or small loans, private individuals like to do so. So if you need a comparatively small amount at short notice, you should take care of it privately.

Various uses for a loan from private

Many people have had the experience that their bank has rejected the request – also because the purpose in the eyes of the Institute was not acceptable or there were other problems in this regard. This will not happen with a personal loan, because a private investor usually does not care much about what the borrower uses the loan for. So it is possible to use the money for a rescheduling, so that the interest on the repayment credit of the checking account no longer need to be incurred. A debt rescheduling also lends itself to turn one or more creditors into one – the private financier.

Online Personal Loans: How a loan calculator can help

Especially beginners should make a credit comparison with a calculator. In this tool you enter the term and the amount of the personal loan. With one click, the credit and interest rates appear, so that interested parties can quickly and easily see the repayment rate for the entire term. By displaying all offers, users can choose the best offer, with a very low mortgage payment. Because only with low interest rates are the rates low and only then can the eradication work to the satisfaction of all parties. Borrowers often pay the installments conveniently by checking account with their paychecks. If private households are in bread and rolls, private individuals like to grant a personal loan. Because they can ensure that the loan rates come regularly and the repayment of the personal loan proceeds as agreed.


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