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A gentle man, who loved the sea & the sky, who gave everything to his family and to all those who knew him, who followed in the footsteps of his God all his life, left our world on Sunday July 18, 2021 , surrounded by his loving family. at home. Reverend Albert Page Turner Jr is gone, but will never really be gone for those of us who love him. During his 80s he left in his wake an invaluable legacy of kindness, grace, humility and laughter (tons of laughs). Like the ocean he loved so much, sometimes we will feel his love and friendship wash over us, like waves on the sand, a steady, heartwarming feeling. He was known by many names: “Bumpy”, coined by his granddaughter Caitlin when she tried to say Grampy, “Dadeo”, “Own”, “UATKP” (Uncle Al the Kiddies Pal), “Albie” , the “Rev” or “Sermonator”, “Deut”, “DM”, “Bagel Boy”, “Bones”, “Favorite Cleric” to name a few. Did we mention he liked to laugh? Al was born in Beverly, Massachusetts on February 12, 1940, and in 1961, met and married his 60-year-old soul mate, Charlotte. They had two wonderful children Cheryl and Russell. Rev’s family is fortunate to include his daughter Cheryl Rappolt and husband Christopher, granddaughter Caitlin McNamee, son Russell Turner and wife Diane, grandson Jared Turner and granddaughter Jordyn Turner. In Heaven, Al is hugged and reunited with his loving parents Albert Sr. and Katherine (Kay) Turner, his amazing sister Barbara Emmith and silly brother Gary! He loved his “like children” Lisa Lanzano and Michael Condel so much and his other “greats” Sara Diley, Neale McNamee, Tommy (Te) and Sean McNamee. There remains an incredible list of loving families and friends, including a brother-in-law with whom he shared a special bond, Larry “Beetle” Lefavour and his sister-in-law Fran Lefavour. UATKP leaves many nieces and nephews … David Emmith & his wife Maria, Mark Emmith & his wife Karen, Christine Brown and her husband Dan, Diane Maguire and her husband Jeff, Nicole Ayotte and her husband Ken, Frank Tozzoli and his wife Kelly , all their families and many, many friends who have become family thanks to his church and his long career as an engineer and pastor. In his later years, he enjoyed joining ROMEO (Retired Old Men Eating Out) with John “Schmedley” Smith and reuniting with all of his UTC buddies! Al has led his life through God. He and Charlotte moved to East Hartford, Connecticut after the marriage to begin his career with United Technologies. He worked at Pratt & Whitney & Hamilton Standard for 35 years, as a mechanical engineer, then creating and providing advice as an ombudsman because he saw the need. After his forced early retirement, Al turned the other cheek and really made sweet lemonade out of corporate lemons. In his 50s, he enrolled in Andover Newton and earned his Master of Divinity, while serving others in a bagel store between classes. And being the methodical and meticulous person he was, these bagels were perfectly sliced ​​even every time! Al’s attention to detail was part of who he was and he offered it to others. He felt that all humans were his “details”. He listened and didn’t judge, hugged you wordlessly if needed and was always there if you needed him. Animals were his “details” too … throughout his life he showered his dogs with love: Boots, Dukie, Kimo, Gromit and Lilo and they all loved him back. After graduating from Andover Newton, he was unanimously chosen by the warm congregation of the South Congregational Church to become the Senior Pastor, here, where he and Charlotte have worshiped since moving to Connecticut. He served his church family for nearly 20 years as a pastor, more as a choir member, and overall 55 years of loyal service. Always the problem solver, Al enjoyed working on his crosswords and word searches. His daughter Cheryl inherited his love of words and often helped him with clues! He loved the strategic game of Cribbage, playing with his son Russ, his wife Charlotte and his friend Dick. He even taught his son-in-law Chris to play and enjoy the game. A fan of mathematical equations, granddaughter Caitlin often called on her Bumpy to help her with her homework. He liked to build things, especially Lego creations. Completing the Star Wars sets with his grandson Jared brought him great joy! Also very mechanically inclined, Al loved tinkering with cars and the like … he took immense pleasure in spending his time with his granddaughter Jordyn, showing him how to fix things! Golf was his passion and he loved hanging out with his friends George Schoen, Louie Skinner and Mac Selvidge. Funny memories and stories were created during their outings. Originally from Massachusetts, Al was an avid fan of the Boston Red Sox and the Boston Bruins. He played hockey in his youth and was an amazing skater. He loved to tell stories of himself and “Big Rog” skating on craft rinks in their hometown of Beverly. Their group had great adventures together as a teenager, which Al fondly remembered. We know their adventures continue now, reunited in Heaven with Roger, Arthur and Dean – nicknamed “Sooty”. As a father, Al, along with Charlotte, planned an annual vacation to Cape Cod. Now in the 1970s we had a VW Beetle. Always the engineer, he packed us, all our things, AND our beloved husky Kimo, in this bug like a game of Tetris. I don’t know how we survived! Cape Town remains a favorite place in our hearts and our memories. Everywhere we went as a family, Dad was always looking for ice cream parlors and the nearest Dunkin Donuts. He loved coffee, donuts and ice cream! Several times he and his pal Carl “Sheet Rock Head” Trevison snuck into Sundae School on summer evenings in Cape Town to have some fun. Have you noticed the tendency to give nicknames when remembering Al? Special thanks to the caregivers and nurses at the hospice who stepped in to support Charlotte and help her care for and comfort Al in her later years: Sue “Lois” Ronan, Justin, Theresa, Dion, Lennox and many other angels here. on earth. A celebration of the life of Reverend Al will take place on Sunday, August 29, 2021 at the Esopo East Hartford Memorial Chapel, 30 Carter Street, East Hartford from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Please dress casually, Al loved the beach and being out in nature on a hot day, and we want you to be ready for a true summer celebration of him. Due to the ongoing health pandemic, all visitors are requested to wear face coverings and follow all regulations. In lieu of flowers, please donate in her honor at her second home, South Congregational Church, 1301 Forbes Street, East Hartford, CT 06118. Cherish your Al stories and memories and keep them in your heart. Be kind when you see the opportunities. The way he was made us who we are. Smile and enjoy Al’s favorite writing at your leisure: Micah 6.8 / Philippians 4.13 For online expressions of sympathy to Reverend Al’s family, please visit

Posted by Hartford Courant on Aug 12, 2021.


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